Tradition Tradition!!

 When I hear this I think of the movie Fiddler on the roof and the song “ Tradition”. Tonight something wonderful and beautiful happened. My nephew Robert contacted all his Aunties through Facebook looking for traditional food ideas and preparations for his upcoming wedding February 25th to his lovely Fiancée Anna. The one main reason Robert wanted this is because what he remembers most about his childhood were the meals at Mom and Dad’s his Nanny Chee Chee and Papa John.  All the family gathering for this. So of course, I jumped on it. I make homemade Raviolis every year the day after Thanksgiving and my sister Lisa makes a killer Meat Sauce. So we suggested this for Robert and Anna and they could not be happier! Tradition! It will bring backs real life what Italian weddings were all about. The ladies getting together and preparing the foods and then serving the day of. It will be a day to celebrate Robert and Anna’s love the way Robert’s Nanny and Papa celebrated their love. Great food with great family. Italian music playing in the background with lots of conversations at once. I am honored to be a part of this and I am blessed to have the ability and knowledge along with my sisters to share this with my Nephew and his wife to be. It says there is hope that future generations will pass these traditions on to their children and knowing that things as simple as a dinner at your grandmother’s house meant something to you. It was more than a meal.  It was.

I feel as well as Farmer John the most honorable thing is what we can only hope to create and pass on  these memories and traditions pass  to our children and doing things that our parents did so their spirits and gifts will carry on.

I for one am very honored and look forward not only to this beautiful event but the special moments in working together with Familia in creating food together and enjoying the company and love as we do this.  For this is the Tradition, this is the Gift , This is the Blessing.

Good Night and God Bless

The Farmers Wife