About Us

John and Michelle Eastberg bought this 100 plus year-old homestead back in 2013. It is in West Longview also known as the Stella Unit in a historical area where there was logging for many years. Some of the homesteading families came from as far away as Finland and are still here today. Since arriving on the Farm Michelle and John have added three BLM ( Building and Land Management) Burros who protect all of the critters. These Burros (Wiley B, Minnie, and Buddy) add a lot of love and cause much laughter. They love visitors to the farm.

John “Farmer John” to his friends and neighbors has researched and studied with great mentors on farming and soil like Gene Logsdon ,Wendell Berry ,and Joe Salatin. As a result of this our pastures are rich and healthy. Our animals are also raised very humanely and with much love and respect.

Michelle the “Farmers Wife” helps cultivate Dahlia and sunflower fields. John and Michelle are proudly in their second year of selling Dahlia tubers. Michelle also creates and sells in the late Spring and Summer beautiful Farm Bouquets and arrangements on request. Michelle also creates and sells hand created quilted and sewn items . She is now in her second year of creating some AMAZING scents of Organic Goats Milk bar Soap.

John and Michelle presently sell on a very small scale USDA tagged meat Lambs . John and Michelle also lovingly pasture raise meat chickens and turkeys. When the laying hens are producing they sell Farm Fresh Eggs . They have presently been raising honeybees yet not have had enough honey production as of to date to sell.

There is so much love and care that goes into this small local farm daily and because they are a small community farm and not commercial, this farm is limited to the amount of customers that they provide food for as well as friends and family.

Farmer John will retire from his Job of 40 years July of 2020 and Michelle will retire from Washington State Service in less than 5 years.

They will have upcoming events that will afford you such a great opportunity for you and your family to come to the farm and visit as they would love to see you.