Chickens on the move

Today was a very productive day. I started out with my 6am hair appointment, then off to get a few things at the market, then home to start canning. When I arrived home I saw that Farmer John was in the process of relocating the laying hens from the lower pasture up by the barn. He also relocated their Chicken tractor quiet a chore all for one person. I offered my assistance but he was focused and on target on what he was doing and how he was doing it. At one point while canning I looked out the window and saw one of the hens in the yard. When I went out to explore why she was out I discovered there were more than a few more out. So I helped Farmer John round them up. Of course there is always that one that gives you a run for your money. In this case it was Farmer John on the run and this hen was just being a poop!  Eventually we got her and her cohorts in the coop! Whew!

Farmer John relocates the hens from being in the lower pasture to up by the barn every September. They are more protected by the elements plus it is easier for us to get to them when the weather is not that nice. Also because the pastures can get pretty soggy in some areas.

Though I will say Farmer John does just an incredible job in ANYTHING he does.

Once moved now only the meat chickens remained in the lower pasture and not for long as harvest for them and the turkeys is very near. The nice thing is that the new laying hens have started to lay. So even though the layers are laying tiny eggs they will eventually reach full egg size. So tonight when I delivered 6 dozen to my neighbor that sells them to her church community I explained that several dozen where small and they can go for a lower price but they will get bigger!

So I finished the day out by processing 40 pounds of Gravenstien apples and put up 24 pints of Honey-Ginger Applesauce. Tomorrow I will prep and can Sweet Bread and Butter pickles. So as the “girls” (hens) are on the move so are Farmer John and I. As we move forward and through our check lists in our head and on paper. 

It is hard not to get frustrated or overwhelmed at times but we are there for each other to try to balance the load mentally and physically. We both know we are not getting younger but we also know that we love this place so much and each other. At the end of the day we can still have time to reflect and try to rest. Another day is coming and even though we are on the move like the chickens as long as we are together at the end of the day is what matters most.

So we are all on the move one way or another and we all have these lists in our heads and on paper. But please remember when we are moving forward that those around us want to be able to move with us as well and they are very important in our lives. What does not get done today will get done tomorrow. At the end of day those you love will love and honor you whether you moved forward or frustration set you back.  It does not matter! What matters is who you are and giving yourself permission that it is OK if you were unable to accomplish something on your list. You are still loved no matter what.

So moving into Fall remember it is OK to move in a direction that might not move the way you would like it to. It will be there tomorrow and if it does not get done. It is OK.  It always works out.  ALWAYS if you ALLOW it too.


Good Night and God Bless you

The Farmers Wife