It takes a Special man to be a Farmer

Not many can say that they are “married to a Farmer” and that is ok. What I can say is that the man I am married to is a farmer because of the love I believe a Farmer has for his land, homestead, family, livestock, crops (whether small or large), his neighbors, and community and especially the farmer’s wife. It takes a special man that can get up before the rooster starts to crow, or try to feed the livestock before the Burro Brays or the lambs baaah. It takes a special man that can design and build sturdy yet safe housing for all the animals on the farm including the farm dog. It takes a special man that when he works all day at his job in the city and comes and starts the same routine he started with in the morning (feeding Livestock and tending to the poultry on the farm) Though sees a note from the neighbor that his ram died and needs assistant and a tractor to bury him and he then goes to help him and console him of his loss as well. It takes a special man that can put down his best friend and companion for years and bury him. It takes a special man that can walk his land and think what good things he can do to it so his crops will grow well and the pastures will be rich in the spring and summer so the livestock and poultry will eat well. It takes a special man that will make sure that his wife and family have plenty of wood delivered between May and no later in July and stacked well so when the cold winter comes there will be heat in the farmhouse. It takes a special man that will assist the farmer’s wife in canning when needed and make sure she has sturdy shelving for all her efforts and preserves. It takes a special man that can butcher poultry and preserve it properly for the freezer. It takes a special man that so pleases his wife by designing and building her a quilting table and honors her craft. It takes a special man that even after a long day when his wife falls ill with no sigh or a blink of an eye will stay by her and assist her where he can. Yes, this man is a Farmer and he has a heart of gold and is the most hard working and caring individual you will ever meet or even blessed to have in your life.  This man is Farmer John. This man is my loving husband. I will always be there to stand next to him and never behind or in front of him. I will be there to hold him when he feels frustrated and weak. I will always be there to listen to his thoughts, ideas, and frustration. I will step in and do farm chores to help ease the burdens where I can. I will help harvest and preserver food that is grown on the farm. I will always encourage his passion of woodworking, river rafting, and fishing. So at the end of each of my day I have so much Joy and Gratitude in my heart to be blessed to be the Farmers Wife.

Good Night and God Bless

The Farmers Wife