Quilting Neighbor and Friend

It is interesting when you really set your mind on something and you are very clear in your mind and heart on what you want. The universe responds nicely to this and your prayers are heard and answered. In my case I had both! Ever since my sister Tina created quilts many years ago I fell in love with this craft. Being a single mom at the time and all the life stresses I was going through in that moment of my life. I did try to learn and attempt quilting but it clearly was not the right time for me to do this. So jumping ahead to a year or so ago I declared that I wanted to learn to quilt. So I started to research what it would require for me to get me started. One of the things I mentioned to Farmer John was for Christmas I wanted a sewing machine and so I researched that as well. Then of course I would require a place to sew and a table. So Farmer John and I discussed this too. So we took one of the rooms with the most natural light and cleared out this room. Farmer John then built me a beautiful quilting table laid out exactly how I would utilize it and it is not only beautiful but very functional as well.

When I was thinking strongly about this craft our neighbors down the road had just put their house up for sale and of course Farmer John and I were praying for good neighbors. Well did we get more than that? Oh yes we did. A retired school teacher moved in and she has been a blessing to us in more ways than we can count on our fingers! Not only does she take care of the farm and the farm dogs (now just sweet Eddy) when Farmer John and I go away or get stuck somewhere. She does what I have a new passion for which is QUILTING! YES! I KNOW!! She is not just a quilter she is what you call a “seasoned quilter!”

So since I have Fridays off from work her and I now meet every Friday afternoon here at the Farmhouse upstairs in my room and quilt. She either just chats with me or will jump right in to help out even with the somewhat daunting task of “seam ripping”.  She helps me put together and choose fabric for a new quilt pattern, or is there to ask a question, she is wonderful in teaching me and will guide me through a new Project or Pattern. She is the one that introduced me to a company that specializes in pre-cut fabric and that is how their quilts are designed and put together. The best part is this company’s tutorials also have motivated me in doing quilts.  I have also done for the first time this year Quilted Christmas stockings. Though as my neighbor will tell you the first quilt I did was a very challenged pattern. But that is me! I do love a challenge.

After watching many of this company’s tutorials I was l like I can do this!”. My neighbor did say you will either love it or hate it. I LOVE IT! I am starting a new quilt pattern tomorrow as a gift for someone and it is a new pattern and way of quilting called Applique. But I am ok with it ALL. My wonderful neighbor and friend will be up here to assist, teach, and guide me through this pattern and process and  will even help to cut out pieces. I am excited to finally get started since there is so much to do.

So we are not only neighbors but we have become good friends as well. I will be attending my first Quilt show with her this month in Portland Oregon. I am very excited to go and even more excited to be going with her.  So like I said the Universe responded to my very clear thought and intention. My prayers were answered by having her as our neighbor.

Again such a blessing and even more special and unique to have here living right next door to me out here in the country. Her and I have great chats while quilting as well. I look forward to our Fridays when we can quilt, sit, and chat. Yes, very blessed.

Good night and God Bless

The Farmers Wife