The Farming Couple

I believe when you are married it is about a great team working together through the good and bad and enjoying those great accomplishments in life that you both achieved together.  I also believe this holds even more true for a couple who live on a farm. Because like Farmer John and I we not only have our city jobs we have our second jobs which start at 2:30 am in the morning and our day ends about 7:30 – 8:00 pm that evening seven days a week. We both hit it pretty hard every weekend starting in March until around the first of November. So this Farming Couple and team today harvested 20 meat chickens and one Turkey today.  It did take great team effort and a learning process for the Farmers Wife. Today for the first time for me Farmer John taught me how to properly harvest meat chickens from beginning to the end. So today while it poured rain I followed him around and stayed right alongside of him as we both worked together through each of the process. Of course this is not the first time.  Together as a team we have planted the vegetable as well as the Flower garden together, we have torn down and replaced the old farm fencing together in the pouring rain slipping and falling in clay dirt mud to at times in the scorching heat of summer. But this does not stop what we need to get done. We muck the barn together and I have assisted him in building and moving Chicken Tractors’. I have assisted my loving husband in putting together bee hives and together we have harvested our golden raw honey together.  Yes, you have to know what the other does regarding farming because if one has to be elsewhere or falls sick you have to be ready to jump in and help out. We stack wood together and move and rotate our cords of wood as well.  We worm and take care of our meat lambs together. We are blessed to have each other and every year in October we float the Rogue River it is our Wedding Anniversary float as well. So by the time we go on or river float mid-October much of the harvest has been completed and same with the canning.  But there will still be much more to do when we come back.  I love our life and love we are THAT couple THAT “Farming Couple” most can relate to our relationship others will have a different take. But you must be strong for each other, physically, mentally, spiritually and faithfully. I would not have it any other way and we are blessed to have each other. We are an amazing team. There is no other love and passion. For we both have great passion for our farm and all that is connected to it. We have ‘Fire in our belly”. We also communicate very well and are very tuned in to each other and our feelings and thoughts. We listen and we support each of our dreams and crafts as well. Farmer John loves to build things out of wood, my passion is quilting, cooking, and baking and of course when in season the Farm Flowers, but we could not do this without the support of each other. Plus, those we surround ourselves with that help support our lives and our passions.  So next time you see a Couple or know one that live and run a farm small or large? Just know that is one helluva team. Trust me! Now there is REAL LOVE.

Good Night and God Bless

The Farmer’s Wife