In the Middle of Harvest Season REVISED ( was very tired when I wrote the first version)

This weekend was a very productive one here on the farm. Friday morning, I did my regular running around and farm chores. Friday afternoon my neighbor came up so she and I could match what material I will use for each of the Applique quilt blocks. This is a Christmas quilt I am making as a gift for one of the very special people in my life.

Saturday I assisted Farmer John in harvesting 20 meat chickens and two turkeys, together we vacuumed packed and weighed each chicken, labeled them, and then down to the freezer they went. The two turkeys went down to the fridge in the basement and the temp was turned to very cold because on Sunday we will be grounding the breast.

Sunday (today) I canned 21 pints of Garlic roasted Marinara sauce. In between roasting all the ingredients in the oven Farmer John and I harvested our Apples and Pears. Then Farmer John carefully carved the breast meat off of each of our two turkeys and we processed them into ground turkey.

I topped the evening off by harvesting more farm flowers to take into work Monday morning.

Now in bed! So I might say a very productive weekend. Farmer John and I both now feel very good about leaving for our trip mid-October. Still much to do but the rest will just have to wait till we get back.  We are at the middle of our harvest and preserving out farm raised meat, veggies, and fruit. It has been a very abundant and rewarding harvest this year.

Good Night and God bless you

The Farmers Wife