September 21, 2016 Autumn Equinox -A time to release

Now is the time to let anything in your life fall away that is no longer useful or needed for the emerging expression of who you are. Like the leaves on a tree let the stillness or the slight wind allow yourself to gradually shed what has become burdensome and no longer congruent with your soul’s purpose.

I suggest in order to do this no matter how “weird” it may sound be like a tree. Allow your life to be still but stand tall and allow the release of those leaves that are no longer needed in your life. For change is not the beginning of a new year or in the Spring it is now.  Once you do this you will start to feel a sense of being much lighter. During Autumn the trees openly bear their nakedness. Once their leaves have departed and the tree is no longer supporting them it then allows the tree and whatever new Life is ready to birth following this period of quiet and gestation. So let go of whatever has outlived its purposefulness and trust that something else will take its place.

Welcome Autumn! Allow the release of your leaves. The ones that no longer support your spirit and soul. Think about and try to visualize what of your new leaves will start to bud and emerge into the new Spring.

I encourage you to wear lots of these beautiful Autumn colors. To display them in your home and work place. Work on the dark becoming the light around you. Flow freely and easily through the next couple of months and feel your release.

Embrace and appreciate the wind, rain, colder temperatures, and shorter days. A time to rest, a time to journal, and to reflect. No rules or timelines we all release our leaves when it is time.  Release Fear, trust, and gently Welcome Autumn.

Good Night and God Bless

The Farmers Wife