Our Country Neighbor

Tonight when I arrived home from work the farm and the farmhouse were unusually very quiet in fact it had a solemn feel to it. Then I heard some wrestling around in Eddy’s kennel and yep there was Eddy. He was very happy to see me but distracted too, he seemed very concerned on where his dad ran off to. So after I let him out of his kennel I turned around and noticed the hand handwritten note on the kitchen farm table. It was from our farming Neighbor Darrin up Stella road. The note read “Hey it’s Darrin with the lambs (Darrin started to raise lambs himself) Our big ram died yesterday can you help me bury him I’ve got no tractor.” So then I grabbed my phone and low and behold there was a message from Farmer John “Darrin’s Ram passed away he is pretty shaken. I have borrowed Phil’s tractor and I have gone up to his farm to help him lay his Ram to rest.” L 

Yes, it is the country and this is our life. Later here came John on the tractor up our road with Darrin following him with his truck. They returned the tractor to our neighbor Phil and then came down to our farm. I went out to greet them and looked at Darrin and said “I am so sorry; it is our life” Darrin agreed he said “It is like losing one of our kids”.

Yep we love our critters and treat them well and love and care for them dearly like our own and as our critters return that joy and love to us. 

After sometime visiting outside with Darrin, he then thanked Farmer John very much and bid us both a goodnight with a grateful bad sad heart. John and I retrieved to the Farmhouse and John said “They are so genuine”. “They” meaning our neighbors Like Darrin which is so true.  We are so blessed to have such great country neighbors and we all are to help each other out. Darrin’s poor Ram died of intestinal issues late last night. But it is amazing yet not surprising how the animals on our farm knew this as well.  How I see it is death itself no matter animal or human it touches us all in different ways. But in the end we all have that one same thing in common. So tonight before I turn out the last farmhouse light I think to myself especially how those words that hold so true out in our neck of the woods.  ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ And for us that is our critters too.

We are very blessed to live among some very caring and loving neighbors. So if you live in a neighborhood and have not reached out it is never too late. Remember we are ALL neighbors.

Good Night and God Bless you all tonight. Especially our Neighbor Darrin and his farm.